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90% Success rate in treating PCOS. Medically Proven !
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U-Gyanetone Forte
U-Gyanetone Forte is an excellent non hormonal alternative made from plant extracts and naturally occurring minerals. U-Gyanetone Forte helps in drastically reducing PCOS symptoms and maintains proper gynecological health. Unlike conventional hormonal therapy, U-Gyanetone Forte acts on PCOS from the root level and equalizes the natural balance of your b..

A Safe, Effective & Clinically Proven Treatment For PCOS

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Hormonal therapy is widely used in controlling and symptomatically treating PCOS. The most common method being prescription birth control pills. However, birth controls pills are known to upset the natural balance of the body, thus contributing to the very problem it is trying to solve. Hormonal therapy is a symptomatic treatment and acts on the visible symptoms while the core health issues are still left untreated. Many a times certain ovulation stimulators such as Letrazole and Anastrazole are also administered during the course of treatment. These drugs can have severe side effects and safety in pregnancy is also uncertain.

U-Gyanetone Forte is a proven herbal formulation that offers a holistic approach to the treatment of PCOS. Based on the the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda, U-Gyanetone Forte treats PCOS from the root level and addresses the inherent conditions which contribute towards it. . This formulation has has been developed after 5 years of rigorous research and has been successfully tested across top hospitals across India.

How U-Gyanetone Forte Can Help:

    Regularizes the menstrual cycle gently and naturally
•    Treats all menstrual problems like heavy bleeding, absent cycles, whitish discharge & painful periods
•    Helps you loose weight by decreasing insulin resistance
•    Can be used in continuation with your existing medicines/therapy
•    Restores natural fertility
•    Results within 90 days
•    Reduces acne & controls unwanted hair growth
•    ZERO side effects & 90% success rate in treating PCOS
•    Recommended by doctors  & trusted by thousands of women worldwide


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